New York state harbormaster & Bay Constable Association

Established in 1977 with over four decades of Inter-Agency Cooperation of Marine Law Enforcement and Environmental Protection

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Message From The President

I would like to start by thanking our Officers and Board of Directors for their effortless time in developing our new website. Since our inception in 1977, it has been our main focus to keep our members informed about training opportunities, changes in laws, alerts and any other information that is vital to keep them safe and up to date with new and upcoming events.  

With 32 years of experience, I hope that I can continue to grow the association. I am honored to continue working with the men and women that serve and protect our waterways of this state and look forward to a promising future for our organization.

Jeffrey Kropp


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New York State Harbormaster & Bay Constable Association
Est. 1977


PO Box 1551
Lindenhurst, NY 11757-0942

Phone: 631-746-5363


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41 years of Inter-Agency Cooperation Of Marine Law Enforcement And Environmental Protection

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